Chapter History

Bear Creek FFA is a Future Farmers of America (FFA) chapter located in Stockton, CA. We strive to provide our students with opportunities for premier leadership, personal growth, and career success. Our chapter was founded in 2012, and currently serves _____ students. 

2012- Bear Creek FFA is established

2013- First Attendance at Ag Fest

2015- First Sectional Officers (Julia Vasquez and Glory Ogren)

2018- First Regional Prepared Public Speaker ( Alexsis Altheide)

2020- First State Degree Recipient (Julia Ford)



All students enrolled in agriculture classes are required to participate in 3 activities per semester with Bear Creek FFA; which is an intra-curricular leadership organization.  Students are encouraged to become active in the chapter, while they learn the fundamentals about the FFA and California Agriculture.  


This course is designed as an introduction to applied science. It includes a basic study of Plant Science, Animal Science, Earth and Environmental Sciences. The course focuses on the functions, interactions, and importance of plants, animals, and the Earth's processes and natural resources. Instruction also includes the scientific method, laboratory techniques and practices, and employability skills required of technicians in the fields of science and agriculture.


This course is intended to successfully prepare students for entry level employment after high school as well as those students who plan on majoring in Agriculture Sciences at a post-secondary institution. Course will provide students with principles in animal science focusing on mammalian production, anatomy and physiology, reproduction, nutrition, respiration, and genetics.


This is a laboratory science course for the college bound student who may or may not have a career interest in agriculture. Students will be involved in hands-on laboratory study and look at concepts including: chemistry and its relationship to agriculture, matter and energy, the periodic table of elements, bonding, chemical reactions, moles, gases, and gas levels.


Class Description


This is an introductory course within the Agriculture Welding Career Path.  This course will stress shop safety, proper tool use and basic skills pertinent to agricultural mechanics; culminating in project fabrication.  Skill acquisition will be enhanced through the completion of required shop projects and participation.


This course is a study of propagation, growth and care of plants used for landscaping, indoor use and floriculture industry. The class covers material in plant science including: cells and functions of the cell, tissues, plant physiology, sexual and asexual reproduction, nutrition, genetics, diseases/control and cures, moisture management, plant dichotomy and classification. Safety and the use of common agriculture equipment and chemicals are also covered. Class time is spent in the greenhouse and areas to be
landscaped. This course is articulated with Delta College. Students who complete the course with a "B" or better both semesters qualify to receive 3 college units. Course can be repeated for credit. This course may be used to fulfill 10 credits of your life science graduation requirement.


Art and History of Floral Design provides an introduction to artistic and creative perception including aesthetic valuing through a series of projects in various media including tempera, pencil, flowers, tile, and a variety of papers.  Students are also introduced to the elements and principles of visual art design such as line, shape/form, color, balance, and emphasis using a series of floral-based projects to explore the connections, relations, and application to visual arts design.  Students will research and study floral trends to understand and develop an appreciation for floral design within historical and cultural, formal and casual, ceremonial and traditional, including an understanding that floral designs are affected by society, culture, history, politics, and economic influence.  Various assignments based on abstract two and three dimensional designs, historical culture and theory, color theory, and analytical critiques of various floral art works using design vocabulary in conjunction with development of technical skills in floral art will serve as a foundation for more complex works such as multi-part floral designs and creative expression through wedding consultations, careers in horticulture, record books, and the FFA leadership component.


Sustainable Agriculture Biology is a laboratory science course for the college bound student with an interest in the agriculture. The course emphasizes knowledge of the central concepts, principles, and basic factual material of the subjects listed below. Sustainability is based on a simple principle: Everything that we need for our survival and well-being depends, either directly or indirectly, on our environment. Sustainability creates and maintains the conditions under which humans and the biotic world can exist in productive harmony, that permit fulfilling the social, economic and other requirements of present and future generations. 
Sustainable Agriculture is a one year course designed to integrate biological science practices and knowledge into the practice of sustainable agriculture. The course is organized into four major sections, or units, each with a guiding question. Unit one: What is sustainable agriculture? Unit two: How does sustainable agriculture fit into our environment? Unit three: What molecular biology principles guide sustainable agriculture? Unit four, How do we make decisions to maximize sustainable agricultural practices within a functioning ecosystem? Within each unit specific life science principles will be identified with agricultural principles and
practices guiding the acquisition of this knowledge, culminating in the development of a sustainable farm model and portfolio of supporting student research.


Class Description


Agriculture Woodshop will be centered on the hands-on application of woodworking skills, tool identification, material selection, project layout and construction. This course covers basic hand tool and machine operations in the wood and carpentry shop. Shop and machine safety are prioritized. Students will learn the operation of radial arm saw, jointer, table saw, band saw, jigsaw, drill press, sanders, lathe, hand tools, and portable power tools. Coursework consists of required projects aimed at principles of construction, joints, assembly, gluing, clamping and finish; as well as the design and construction of the students own projects(s).




Intro to Ag Mechanics

Ag Welding

Advanced Ag Mechanics

* Completion of the Ag Mechanics pathway allows for students to earn 6 college credits from Delta College


Introduction to Sustainable Agriculture

Art and History of Floral Design

Advanced Art and History of Floral Design 

*Completion of the Floral Pathway allows for students to earn 6 college credits from Modesto Junior College.


Intro to Sustainable Agriculture
Sustainable Agriculture Biology
Agriculture Chemistry


Animal Science


Ag Woodshop I
Ag Woodshop II



Career and Leadership Development Events



Coach Name

The objective of the Best Informed Greenhand contest is to understand the aims, purposes, history, and structure of the Local, State, and National FFA student organizations and know the opportunities it makes available as referenced in the current National FFA Manual and State Constitution.


Coach Name

The Marketing event seeks to effectively prepare the students with the practices and operations of Agricultural Cooperatives.  Workers seeking careers in cooperative marketing must not only develop a high degree of knowledge and skill they must also develop the ability to solve difficult problems.  This event blends the testing of manipulative skills and knowledge required for careers in operations and marketing.


Coach Name

The FFA Creed outlines the organization’s beliefs regarding the agricultural industry, FFA membership and the value of citizenship and patriotism. The FFA Creed is recited by FFA members, as part of the requirements to earn the Greenhand Degree. The purpose of the Creed Speaking Career Development Event is to develop the public speaking abilities of 9th grade FFA members as well as develop their self-confidence and contribute to their advancement in the FFA degree program.



Department Head

Ornamental Horticulture
Sustainable Agriculture Biology
Agriculture Woodshop


Agriculture Teacher

Art and History of Floral Design
Agriculture Mechanics



Agriculture Teacher

Intro to Sustainable Agriculture
Animal Science
Agriculture Chemistry






Hi there, my name is Ava Thomas. I'm a senior at Bear Creek High this year. I have spent the past four years in Ag and three of them as an officer. My hobbies include dancing, swimming, and reading. Some fun facts about me are that I'm a lifeguard during the summer and that I've danced for the past twelve years of my life. I'm a very involved student and will be doing many different clubs on campus this year, as well as being a commissioner for Link Crew.


Vice President

Hello!! My name is Kaylynn Van-Bunma. I will be your Vice President for the 2020-2021 officer team! Which I am so excited for!! This will now be my 4th year in ag and 3rd year as an officer. I had started out taking ag classes and being involved in FFA freshman year. Throughout the years I have just grown to love the atmosphere and the experiences of it. I don't have many hobbies. I love dogs, and being on my phone, and sleeping when I have the time.




My name is Logan Asia and I am your new chapter Secretary! This is my third year in Ag at Bear Creek, but will be my first year serving on the officer team. I have been involved in many fun FFA activities such as Ag Day and AgVenture during my three years in Ag. A fun fact about me is that I play competitive softball and have been able to travel all over the country to play in front of tons of college coaches. I was also the first person at Bear Creek to raise a goat for the San Joaquin AgFest! I love making new friends, listening to music, and being in the outdoors. Hopefully I'll get to meet and know you all very soon!



Officer Bio

Young Woman with Curly Hair



Hiya! My name is Sadie Ford. I am a Junior at Bear Creek High School. This will be my 2nd year as an officer and 3rd year in Ag. I have been in band for 6+ years and currently play percussion. I am in a few clubs on campus including Dungeon and Dragons and Art Club. I love playing video games, drawing, reading, and spending time with my friends. Although I'm a slight introvert I always try and stay positive, thinking on the bright side of things, along with staying open minded.



Hello! My name is Lisette Cisneros. I am a Junior at Bear Creek High School. This is my 3rd year in FFA and my 2nd year as an officer. I am a part of Conflict Mediation and Orchestra. I play the viola and have been for seven years. Outside of school I enjoy painting, reading, and hanging out with friends and family. I also enjoy watching movies, swimming, and playing soccer. I always try and stay open minded and judgement free.




Hi! My name is Shelby Shanks and I am the Historian for Bear Creek FFA. This is my 3rd year in agriculture. I've been very active with FFA, but this will be my first year being on the officer team. My hobbies are painting, swimming, and hanging out with friends. I am most passionate about softball because I've done it my whole life and I love the sport.

Upcoming Events
First Day of School
Mon, Aug 10
Distance Learning
Aug 10, 7:20 AM
Distance Learning


Bear Creek FFA is committed to our students and community. Questions, comments or special requests? We’d love to hear from you, so don’t hesitate to reach out today!

10555 Thornton Road
Stockton, California

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